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Have you ever dreamed of a day so awesome you couldn't have imagined it existed!

Well... It's here! 

We’ve designed The Hero Day™ for everyone. Children, teens and grown-ups –  everyone can enjoy fun-filled indoor activities at our amazing inflatable theme park.  The Hero Day™ is inflated on fun!  We've built the most action packed indoor Inflatable Ninja Park one could dream of!  We spent hundreds of hours designing and building our course to make sure you have a great time!  The Hero Day™ is different from any other family entertainment centers- we designed our our model around giving back!  Every month we will feature a new non-profit to share in not only the fun but a portion of our proceeded!  It is our #1 mission to not only bring financial benefit to the charity but public awareness to the quality work one brings to the community. #GiveBacK 



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Size-wise and Age?

How old and how big does my kid have to be to play at The Hero Day™? While two is the minimum age to participate it is more a size thing. Over 36” and under 48” will be permitted into the jr hero zone. Over 42” is welcome to the entire park. (note: Zorb court is extra)

I want to be a Hero but how hard is it?

The Hero Day™ is more about having fun rather than the extreme difficult.  We bring the obstacles, challenges, & thrills you've always wanted to try but have only seen on TV or in the movies!  The venue will challenge you but you wont even notice because you are having so much fun! 

Who can participate?

The Hero Day™ is an all ages venue but designed for those looking to have a blast and experience thrills.  Obstacles will have you running, jumping, climbing, swinging and more!  There is something for everyone! (The larger obstacles require the height of at least 42" and weight under 220 lbs.) We have a separate toddler area and junior Ninja spot as well for the smaller children.

I don't want to participate in the obstacles but want to stay and watch with my kiddo.

We love fans, you are encouraged to cheer on your loved ones as they battle through the obstacles. (There is no charge for parents or guardians wanting to cheer their kids or friends.) 

Is the event timed?

No, the venue is focused more on having fun than extreme skill!  We encourage you to take all the time you need to complete the obstacles.  We will host special nights where timed events are held! (all for fun of course)

How should I dress?  

We recommend wearing comfortable athletic wear.  Dress up like a HERO if you dare! There may be a prize for the best dressed on themed nights! All participants MUST wear official Hero Day™ socks (no exceptions)

What do I need to bring?

You will need your ticket, electronic or paper (if you purchase online).  A lot of people opt to bring a camera to capture the moment.  There will also be a snack bar available and a sweet merch booth so bring some good ole ca$hola.  And if you have one- a fannie pack, we love fannie packs round here. 

How will I be a Hero?

Glad you asked, The Hero Day is designed to give back. Through our positive brand message and constructive motto we not only bring financial assistance but make it a goal to spread the good word of the charity selected for the month. 

Where should I park? 

We recommend parking in the main mall parking lot in between of Macy's and JC Penny’s using the west end mall entrance. 

I have a large group I'd like to register (15+ people)

In this case it is best to contact us directly to reserve your time and lock in your group discount.

Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately, for cleanliness reasons we do not allow outside food or beverages to be brought in. If you choose- we have prearranged a special offering via Bellacino's Pizza. Hungry? ask a party host for assistance. We also offer bottled beverages and snacks.




Booking+Fund Raising+Corporate Events

Is your business or school looking to do something completely different for your employees or students?  Let us host our all inclusive Hero Day and wow the crowd!  We will create lasting memories for your peeps for years to come!  Our package includes fitness and fun for all!  Drop us a line and let us handle your event! 

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